By Jay Bolusa

IT’S TUESDAY, November 6, 2007. It’s a rainy day here in New York and very gloomy. It has been a very busy weekend for some Palaweños. First, the 40th birthday celebration of Juliet Tan, which was a costume party held at the residence of Joy and Paul Trampe.

     John Dale Palanca and Jinkee hosted the affair. Marie Marcelo Silan sang to her heart’s content, of course, Rudy and the kids were there to inspire her as she performed.

     The Fabellon sisters: Aila and Aileen graced the occasion with their loved ones.

     Dr. Renee Argubano did the invocation then it was dance, dance, dance! There were other guests from New York and when they got tired of dancing they burned the karaoke to the max till Renee almost lost her voice. The party commenced at 2:00 p.m. and lasted till midnight, which was time for Jinkee to get me from my party. 

      That same night I attended the Let’s Dance Club of New York’s annual Halloween Ball. This is where I have seen the scariest costumes there could be. With me were Jun and Leah Bongalso and Joy and Veronica Escalona. Joy was dressed as a pirate. One was dressed as a vampire, complete with the pangs and fresh blood oozing from her mouth. Gee! I was scared.

     There was this skeleton which looked so real, accompanied by a lot of witches. There were three kids there. I admired their parents for bringing them along. It was a scary night.

     On the dance floor, you see witches and vampires dancing side by side with police officers, a doctor and some ladies who were elegantly dressed. Oh, what a sight! And the party started at 7 p.m. till one in the morning.

      This is party season here in the east coast now. That Friday Juliet P. and I were at

Sheraton Newark for the Induction of Officers and Coronation Night of the Garden

State Filipino American Association. Consul General Cecile Rebong inducted into office the new set of officers and crowned the muse. This was graced by the leaders of the different community leaders from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

      The Friday before this, November 27, in a party at Jamaica Estates, 60th birthday of Minda Gabunia from Araceli, Palawan, I met Fr. Warlito Namo. He studied at Seminario de San Jose in Puerto Princesa a year ahead of JJ. Back then the seminary was just beside the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It was really nice to meet old friends. He has been here in New York for about four years and at present working for his application to be a chaplain in the United States Military Service.  Best of luck for him! In that party he was the crooner all night long. This one lasted till three a.m.

      This is party season in New York. Well, till next week for more. Ciao and God bless!