November 20, 2007 — The winter temperature has taken over the northeastern United States. We experienced the first snowfall yesterday. Brrrrrrrr!!! It is really cold. I have three layers underneath my coat and two layers of pants complete with hat, scarf and gloves. In spite of this, my arthritic hands and feet felt the winter cold and I have to take my pain medications. Indeed, the manifestation of aging is upon me. I know there’s really nothing to reverse this. I guess the best solution really is to go home to Palawan where the climate is a temperate one. There, I will not be bothered so much with pains from the cold weather. Well, at the moment I have to cope with this till 2010.

     Last Saturday, Luz Madarcos-Torres celebrated her 60th birthday with her family and friends at the Majestic Restaurant in Wayne, New Jersey. Her children, Virgilio Jr. and Myra, with grandchildren Shawn and Bernice, were around to entertain her friends. Some Palaweños present were Ching Socrates-Tan, May Sabando-Rodriguez, Bling Pe, Judith and Arthur Habal, and Bert and Bing Pe. 

     It was a very good occasion for them to catch-up with latest news from Palawan from Ching, who is here for a vacation. I hope to see her at the PAEUS Christmas Ball this Saturday in New Jersey.

     I was sorry I was not able to attend this party because I attended the Filipino American Association of Engineers’ seminar at the Philippine Consulate. It was a whole day seminar, which is conducted annually so the members can be updated in the latest trend in engineering, very educational in context.

     We have very eloquent speakers from big engineering firms. One was from Jordan, who discussed the new trends in air-conditioning. Then there was another speaker who dealt on boilers. The third one was on sanitizing and cleaning the air. The seminar started at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 3:00 p.m. followed by the association’s election of officers. We were served a sumptuous breakfast and lunch and two snacks.

     By sumptuous, I mean, more than 12 courses for breakfast alone. That was the heaviest breakfast I have ever had in my life. I am sure I have attended a lot of them before but nothing could match this. “Nakakagutom nga tuloy.”

    This Thursday it will be Thanksgiving and there are parties around. Up to now I haven’t decided where to go. I’ll decide on the last minute.  What I look forward to is the Annual Ball of the PAEUS this Saturday, May told me Ching will we there.  I will be very happy to see her and that gives me enough incentive to attend the party. Tell you more about it next week.

     Ciao and God bless!