By Jay Bolusa

IT IS now January 22, 2008. I can’t believe how time flies. My Ate always said when I was young that if your perception of time is fast then you are old. Now I know what she meant all those years. I remember when I was in the elementary grade, I always hoped then to be in college or high school or be a grown up because it seemed to me that grown up people have more exciting lives and are enjoying them more than us kids.

And so, of course, I grew up and realized that life is not at all what I imagined it to be. I realized that as we add candles in our birthday cakes over the years, more are expected of us and so, I began to be serious in facing the challenges of life. I learned to be responsible for all my actions and my decisions and this helped me build my character. I knew then that I have to be careful in all my endeavors in life because if you are not, then you bear all the consequences of the decisions you make as you tread life’s path.

I am glad that I am here in America at this point when my daughter is trying to decide where in America she would like to have her family. She is now going around, knowing where she wants to be.

I told her to see each place and feel the vibration of the community, not only her alone, but also with her husband and son. This is what she’s doing right now.

There is this place in the mid-west where people are nice and it was the CEO himself who interviewed her. The place is nice with luscious trees and big lakes and the most important thing, the crime rate is almost zero percent.

They were shown real estate properties and prices are great. Now, there is this offer from the west coast so the family flew there, immediately upon arrival, she got sick and the son also did not feel well. But the community she said is like Ayala-Alabang, a gated-community, well-developed place up in the dessert. No forest, no trees, the lake was man-made.

While she was there, I was in the computer tracking down her tour of the place. From the outside, you can very well see that it is an idyllic place but I told her if at the dead of winter you feel very warm there, then what would it be, if it is summertime?

This is a main consideration, I told her. Your bodies respond to the place. She is indeed lucky that she can have a choice of where to work. I told her, if I were her, I’d choose the place where my body responds well. Then there is this New England place, very nice community, but she sees that the profile of her future co-workers is not what she would like to be with. And there are many more other places. I told her she is now at the threshold of her life where her decisions will make a difference in the years to come.

The most important thing is pray to the Almighty for guidance and He would lead you to the right path. He is the only one we can always trust in this life. Sometimes, maybe we forget that there is a Supreme Being but then we are reminded. We should always pray for His guidance and thank Him for all the blessings we receive.

Is this too early for Holy week? I’ll be in Bulacan, my mother’s hometown for the Holy week; then I’ll attend my grandson’s graduation in Puerto this summer. Hope to see all my friends this vacation. Ciao and God Bless!

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