By Jay Bolusa

January 29,2008 – January is almost over and soon it will be the Super Tuesday, The Primary Day for a lot of states here. That day, we will more or less know who will be the candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties.

For the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the front-runners. This is such an amazing race for these two contenders and the result of which can determine whether America will have the first woman president or the first black president.

On the Republican side it is not really very clear yet who the front-runners will be. McCain and Rommey are fighting neck-to-neck towards the top while Giuliani hopes to top the Florida Primary. Whatever the results of the Super Tuesday, this truly will be an exiting race for both parties. Plus the chance that the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg might decide to run as an independent, let us just wait and see.

There is still another event, which everyone here is waiting for, the Super Bowl this Sunday. Will it be the Patriots from New England or the Giants of New York; will it be Tom Brady of the Patriots or Eli Manning of the Giants? Sunday is for us to stay home to watch our favorites in sports then come Tuesday it’s the thrill in the political world.

Fresh from Puerto Princesa, Jun Bungalso and family came home last Sunday. Rene and Belle Sanchez arrived also from Roxas where they spent the Christmas holidays. May Sabando Rodriguez left yesterday for a one month vacation to be with her mom. Juliet Payabyab is leaving this February 1st for Mindoro where she will try to see how she can help her province promote tourism here in the northeast. By March, Aveline Abiog and I, will go home; Aveline to attend her parents’ anniversary while I fulfill my promise to my grandchildren to be there for their graduation. We both look forward to this.

Lately it has been freezing here. The wind chill factor goes down to the tens and at times to the single digit. To combat this we are dressed in layers of layers of sweaters and thick coats. It is pretty heavy and added to this is the weight of the boots, we really do not have much choice. It would have been better if there is the snow. Because the temperature has to be only in the 30’s to snow. It will not be as cold plus there is the fun of playing in the snow in Central Park. The businessmen dealing on snow and salts are now losing in this kind of weather. People are likewise restricted in their outside activities because of the cold temperature. But I guess somehow we get used to this, it is just my arthritic bones, which are the first to complain. To solve this I just limit my outside activities and stay indoors more often.

By next week, we will know if it is the Giants or the Patriots in the sports world. In the political world it will be clearer as to who the probable official candidates are for the different parties. Till then, Ciao and God bless!

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