By Jay Bolusa

February 26, 2008 Time flies so fast that the end of February is here. New York has been very cold lately. Last night, the wind chill factor was in the tens. This cold weather makes me a little bit lazy or I guess it is my arthritis that is bothering me. I hope the weather gets better next week. Today, the forecast is not good; there will be rains which could turn to snow and these would last through Friday, the day I go to Virginia to be with Jinkee and family to look at the place. At the moment she is deciding on where to move.


     The best consideration would be a place where Diego can grow up as a normal kid, away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city kids here. He still understands Tagalog because we talk to him in our language, but he is having a hard time using it. I just hope he never forgets our very own.


     I have been to Virginia when I first came to the U.S., but this is the one near Washington D.C. Where we are going now is on the southern part of the state. I looked on-line on the houses and most of them are Victorian. I saw one which looks like a haunted house, but there are a lot of beautiful ones too. However, they are too big for their family. They are good if your friends will visit always because there are plenty of rooms. We will see on Friday.


     May Rodriguez is still in Roxas, visiting her mother; Jun Bungalso arrived already with his family but will have to go back to Puerto middle of March to fetch his daughter. I guess we can visit the northern part of Palawan with him. The Escalonas, Joy & Veronica with their children, Jenny, Hillary and Timothy, will be moving back to New York by this summer after Joy goes home to visit his mother.


     Jun Bungalso visited Joy Jara in Narra sometime last December. Joy has gone home for good and is now operating her gasoline station in Narra. It was a very good decision, return home and be a part of the community again. I would soon follow her. There are some more details I have to take care of and as soon as everything is in place, I will be home.


     Bing Sabando also went home to Roxas for two months: November and December, she is now working on the plans for her house in Malcampo, Roxas. Aveline Abiog will be there this March to be with her family as they celebrate her parents’ anniversary.


     Oh, yes… Susan Loreto has gone home maybe for three years and is enjoying her retirement in her beach house in Narra, What a life! Jun Bungalso visited her and she looks younger and healthier. Marie Marcelo-Silang is busy as ever. I really admire Marie’s sons, Robie and Migo, they are so smart! Migo, the young boy who has already written three books, what a great mind!


     Every now and then, we get together for sing-along and updates. When we were there last month, Bong Villanueva of Casa Bonnette, was there and we had a great time talking about Puerto. Bong should be back there by now after his tour of the States but he plans to return for further studies. He promised to do my hair when I get back.


     Ping Favila has retired from DBP. It seems my contemporaries in the bank are now pursuing other endeavors or are happy in their retirement. My friend Joe Bautista has now settled in Manila with his children; Toying Formoso is still in Puerto busy playing his sports, tennis. The latest news I heard is Larly Abiog now heads DBP. I am very happy for her. Congratulations to Larly, I guess a blow out is in order. We can get together in Brooke’s Point when I come. The old DBP family, how is that for a reunion?


     I guess this is all for now. See you all in three weeks. Ciao and God bless!