By Jay Bolusa

March 11, 2008Roger Federer won over Pete Sampras in an exhibition game called the Netjets Showdown at the Madison Square Garden here in New York yesterday. It was a sold out event. I saw Tiger Woods with his wife beside him enjoying the game.

Roger and Tiger have been friends for quite sometime. Donald Trump was with Regis Philbin. I am sure that there were more celebrities there but I was not able to see them as I was focused on the game. I am a Roger fan. I promised myself I will go to the U.S. Open again this summer to watch him.

After the games last night, there were speculations that there will be more of this exhibition games at the Madison Square Garden in the future. I wish they’d get Roger to play with Agassi. Then I will be a confused fan. But seems both Roger and Agassi are my favorites. I will not cheer for any of them but will just enjoy the game and be happy that my two favorites got the chance to play against each other. I look forward to these things.

Jun P. arrived here last Sunday and we had a good chat. He told me about the new Provincial Hospital in Brooke’s Point which was just inaugurated. He said it is so huge. We plan to have dinner to celebrate his birthday.

Two days from now, on Thursday, The Philippine Consulate here in New York will show the Tubbataha Reef. Consul General Rebong is promoting the reef to the Filipino community to come and visit and vote for it as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. If you have not done so, please do. Angelique, my dear friend, manages the Tubbataha Reef Management Office in Palawan.

Another friend has left us for the Great Beyond, Tom Espanola of Brooke’s Point. My condolence to Mely and his children. May his soul rest in peace.

By Monday I’ll be home. I am very excited to see Palawan, my family and friends. See you all. Ciao and God bless!

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