By Jay Bolusa

August 14, 2008. Last Saturday, doctors Pattie Lee and Michael Abiog were married at the Biltmore Castle in North Carolina. Dr. Michael is the son of Periqueng Abiog from Brooke’s Point, Palawan. He finished his medical degree from Cincinnati University, summa cum laude. He did his residency in radiology at the Mayo Clinic and his fellowship at Weil Cornel New York Hospital. Dr. Pattie Lee did both her residency and Fellowship on Radiology at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. As the couple exchanged vows at Biltmore Castle the sun was setting at the Blue Ridge Mountain. It was a sight to behold. The groom’s father, Periqueng was there with his sons Gerry Abiog and Joe with his wife Rachel. Aveline Abiog and Gelgel Bautista flew in from New York to grace the occasion. It was a night of merrymaking for the Abiogs and the Lee clans.

Last Sunday, a surprise baby shower was tendered to Dr. Rene Argubano. With the help of husband Elmer, Rene was whisked off the house, so Jinkee and Rene’s friends could arrange the house for the party. By 2 pm. Elmer and Rene were out of the house and the operation decoration started. Complete with balloons and cakes and lots of Filipino food, Rene was surprised when she came home that afternoon and the celebration began.

There were singing and dancing, capped by the opening of gifts. Here is one party where we can see the Filipino spirit working at its best.

I had my echo-cardiogram last August 11. My cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Kennish, explained to me what was happening in my heart, as I looked at the screen during the process. I was amazed to see my heart for the first time, and marvel as it functions. Of course biology taught me that in high school but this is the first time I actually saw it. Dr. Kennish said that my heart is good but as he pointed out on the left side, he said there is a thickening of the muscle there due to my high blood pressure, then he pointed to me the blue part on the center of the heart, he said there is a leak in this part. There is no cause of worry he said he will give me 80 mg of Micardis to be taken every morning together with the four hundred mg of Labetalol which I take 200 in the morning and 200 at night then the combination of this two will bring down my pressure and will eventually clear the leak in my heart and the eliminate the thickening of the muscle on the left side.

Ah, the wonder of drugs! Of course I have to watch my diet, no salt and fat and continue with my daily swimming…faith and prayers above all these.

I told my brother Boy about this and when I mentioned about the leak in my heart, he blurted out “Walandyo, Yette, punta ka sa vulcanizing shop kung meron dyan para ma pa vulcanize mo ang puso mo.” It made me laugh… it was really a good one plus the word “WALANDYO’ I have not heard that for ages and the moment I heard it.. reminded me of the good old days. CIAO AND GOD BLESS!