By Jay Bolusa

The Republican Convention is over and the reaction of almost everyone to the announcement of Senator McCain’s running mate for Vice President, Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, fell somewhere along a continuum between shock and incredulity.

McCain barely knew her and it seems the process by which she had been vetted was hasty and haphazard.

Reporters immediately went to Alaska to dig whatever they can get about this Governor. Democratic researchers and Republican lawyers rushed there also. A Republican strategist said that it was the worst mishandling of V.P. choice since the McGovern era.

But when Sarah Palin delivered her acceptance speech at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul Minnesota, the roar of approval was deafening inside the hall. The audience, fueled by resentment toward the “liberal media” over its treatment of Palin, wowed her. To everyone’s surprise this unknown from Alaska and an outsider from Washington is glamorous, confident, homespun, sassy and unafraid.

She was former mayor of a small town in Alaska and said that her responsibilities was kind of a community organizer but with actual responsibilities. She emphasized this as Obama the democratic Presidential candidate was a community organizer in Chicago before his term as senator. She called Obama an elitist, an egotist, a taxer, a spender and a lot more and her passion was felt all across the hall and the thumbs-up verdict was universal.

She generated a lot of reactions even among the critics and pundits in the media. In the following days and up to now McCain lead the polls over the Obama team. As of this hour, the Democrat and Republicans are in virtual tie on the polls.

Sure the Palin factor has helped the Republican ticket. It is perceived that Palin has altered the terrain on which the election will be contested. Will the emergence of Palin as the wild card in this race work? It seems no one can tell how it is all going to play up. This makes the election truly exciting.

Three weeks in a row I have been sleeping late, from the Democratic convention to the Republican convention and the last was the US open held here in New York. Those sleepless nights were all worth it. We will not have the result of the elections until November but the US open is finished and my favorite player won. Roger Federer won the US open for the fifth consecutive year. He now tied the record of Pete Sampras. Everyone was expecting that Nadal the Spanish tennis player will play Federer for the finals. But Nadal was defeated by Andy Murray of Great Britain in the semifinals hence Murray played against Federer.

Murray is a great player and I am sure that someday he will win a Grand Slam. This is his first Grand Slam. He won here in the juniors when he was seventeen years. Murray is 21 now and looks forward to more encounters at the US open. All time grand slam champion is Pete Sampras, who has 14. Roger Federer has 13 now and he will sure make the world record in due time. New York is quieter now. The tourists have left right after the US open and the children are back to school. Until next week, Ciao and God bless!