By Jay Bolusa

AILEEN FABELLON of Brooke’s Point gave a despedida party for her mom, Dr. Alice Fabellon. She arrived here last month to visit her two daughters, Aileen and Aila, then went to Canada to visit her sister. She still has a week here in New York before she goes home to Puerto to resume her work at the Provincial Board.

She briefed me on the progress of Palawan and the thrust we are in. The most important of all, she said, is she’s retiring from government service, meaning from her political career.

I don’t know if she will go back to practice her profession in the medical field. Actually she really does not have to, because the price of copra is high that she can maintain her lifestyle and travel to any place in the world. She even vouched the idea for us to travel to the moon together if there is a commercial flight available. I know the Russians embarked on this but the price of a trip to the moon is so prohibitive, I don’t know if I can afford it. Anyway it is free to dream, who knows the price could come down and presto we are on our way there.

The Trampes, Paul, Joy and the four children, came to the party together with Juliet Tan. When Dr. Fabellon saw Apple, the eldest of the Trampe children, she whispered to me: “Jay, when I look at these children I feel so old.”

Indeed, before, parents were this young, and now they tag along these children — it reminds us that we indeed are passed the prime of our life. New York, or the States, in general, is for young people. The retirees, I guess, are relegated to the side or are placed in nursing homes by their children.

It is not because they don’t care for them; it is more for the security of the old people and the peace of mind of the children, or let us say; for the convenience of everyone. This is what I dread to happen to me, I don’t want the life in a nursing home and this is the main reason why I am going home to retire in Palawan.

This is the topic we had in the party. Alice will retire in Brooke’s Point, so am I. Of course, I will visit very often to Puerto but I would stay more in Brooke’s Point simply because my old man’s house is on the beach and there’s nothing like the sound of the ocean waves to put you to sleep at night and the view of the sunset at dinner time. Ah! I wish I had a genie to bring me home at this moment in time. Alice invited me for her graduation in June 2010. She said she’ll deliver a valedictory address to culminate her government service and I guess to party out. That is something to look forward to. At one point in the party she seemed to be delivering a campaign speech something along the line of “Ancestral Domain” and Aileen reminded her that this is not a campaign caucus but a farewell party for her. Everyone had a good laugh. We parted until around eight pm as the Sabugos had to go home to Albany which is three hours from here.

Next week, Palaweños here will meet at the Trampes’ in Long Island to celebrate the first birthday of the youngest of the brood. Ciao and God bless!

My belated greetings to Eng. Jovenee Sagun, who celebrated her birthday yesterday.

Until then, Ciao and God bless!