By Joe Russo

IN CASE there is someone out there who is wondering where I had been in the past two months, I traveled to China and the United States, and spent a month in each country. At least, this provided me with additional writing material for the PALAWAN TIMES.

There is no doubt about it; I have written about a foreigners’ view of Puerto Princesa City and have not held back doing so. In all of the articles, I have expressed my personal views. Yet, as critical as I had been on occasions, I have not given a thought to the other side of the coin.

What if, the way you live here in Puerto is actually a better way of living? For example, while there are rules and regulations for the road, that no one seems to follow, the freedom to talk and make appointments and not keep the agreed upon time to meet; the fact that dogs run lose causing disease and traffic accidents; the fact that students do not have homework, or spend next to no time reading as adults do to further their education; and in short, husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, continue to have more babies and larger families.

What if by doing or not doing all of these things above you have less stress and live longer? Let’s see, when it comes to the rules of the road, and drivers of vehicles can do what ever they want and when they want. (I personally don’t see as many accidents as in the West.) As for making appointments, and not meeting at the agreed upon time, who cares? Maybe you live longer, as you don’t feel stressed and force yourself to meet at the agreed upon time. In return, you probably live longer because you have less stress. Dogs running lose and causing accidents. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, dogs run freely. If anything they slow down the traffic.

Concerning the dogs that carry diseases? Let’s see, I could say that having dogs around provide love and affection to those that don’t have it or does not receive it. Let’s face it — the affection of being with a dog outweighs the disease you may get from coming into contact with them.

When it comes to students doing homeworks; why should anyone worry? By not doing them, students can be children longer, no stress, no anxiety, no headaches, and no worries are formed which could cause lasting affects for years and years to come. (The students in the West could learn from you and live a much happier and stress free life).

Last, when it comes to parents or lovers having more and more children, why not? The pleasure that is felt in making babies, and raising them, and watching them grow, and looking forward to feeding and clothing them, far prevails over the ridiculous notion that having one or two, is easier to support.

God, why don’t the people in the West realize this? Why can’t they come here to live and they can see first hand, that the way of life while different, causes no stress at all, no headaches, no worries, no ill feelings, and no desire to change anything. Life here is so perfect.

Therefore, I just wanted to take a moment, and look at the other side of the coin, all this from a foreigner’s point of view and share from the bottom of my heart that you do have an extremely wonderful way of living.