By Jay Bolusa

December 9, 2008 – We share great sadness at the passing of the longest serving Mayor of Roxas Palawan, Roding Sabando on December 7,2008. He enjoyed a very long distinguish career in politics and his constituents enjoyed him as well. Just the mention of Roxas the first thing that comes into your mind is Roding. In the days when there was no highway to connect the town from Puerto Princesa, he was the very energetic mayor building the roads from Langogan to the town proper. He had a very good friend and partner Gary Gabinete who helped him construct roads and bridges to Roxas These two untiringly made those infrastructure without regard to time and at the end of every day would seat down and smile for what they have accomplished. Those pioneering works are hard to imagine these days. But for whatever we see of Roxas now these two friends were pioneers in the making of the town. I guess they are up there in heaven looking down upon us and saying mission accomplished, goodbye.

Aside from a successful political career he had various outside business interests. Together with his wife Ver, they owned and operated the small boats plying from Puerto to the north, to Roxas, Araceli and other towns there. When the roads became available to the north, their buses, the Rover, took passengers from Puerto to Roxas. And in these places they likewise established Bed and Breakfast Inns, Pharmacy, merchandise stores. All of which helped in the economic development of Roxas and Puerto.

Bing remembers fondly his father and the story about him in college. At FEU, he was corps commander or the ROTC and in one competition against the PMA cadets FEU defeated for the first time in history the PMAyers. He leaves behind a loving wife who took care of him this last three years that he was sick, and their beloved seven children, Gigi, Bing, Rey, Boying, Manique, Beth and Marivic and their families.

There are three of us here in Manhattan, New York who have developed a very strong bond of friendship, Aveline Abiog, Bing Sabando and I. We are always there for each other in most of our endeavors here. It is one for all and all for one. And for my two beloved friends to lose their fathers in a span of seven days, it was more than a shock for me. Their fathers both icons in their own right, from the north The Mayor, Roding Sabando, from the South, The Judge, Avelino Q. Abiog, both from an era slowly fleeting by. It is tragic but reality we have to accept. The three friends, all of us fatherless now and forever.

Until next week…Ciao and God bless!