By Jay Bolusa

January 20, 2009 – This day is a historical moment for the United States of America.

A lot of people are in Washington D.C. now to witness history. I will just be watching TV to experience it. This is the first time an African-American will be sworn in as President of the United States — President Barack Obama, the 44th President.

As a virtual attendee, I’ll be able to watch history without leaving the comforts of my home. One might say that it is not the same, but given the circumstance, I am contented with my plan. My hope is that Mr. Obama will be able to make true what he promised in his campaign.

The enormous task that lies ahead of him coupled by the dwindling economy and the wars abroad, it seems almost impossible to be able to tackle the work that lies ahead. But he seems to have picked the best people in his cabinet and this would truly help him a lot. My wish is for all the people to pray for his success in all his plans for the country because this success will trickle down to the American people. Let all the Americans join hands in these prayers and wish him well.

The last two weeks have been very frigid. We have not experienced winter like this for the past five years. Yesterday, it snowed the whole day and New York was so immaculate that walking in the city seems you are in the clouds. It was almost three inches of snow on the ground. I walked towards Central Park and as I expected there were a lot of people savouring the loveliness of the Park after the snow has fallen. There were some kids throwing snow-balls some skiing on the hills. It was a very lovely sight with everything covered with snow and the jackets in colorful array. One truly sees the presence of God in the immaculate sight and people just enjoy being there. I saw some couples just lying down and just letting the falling snow cover them. These are moments better seen than said. I just sat on a bench and gazed at everyone enjoying the moment like me.

Jinkee passed the Family Medicine Specialty Board, which she took last December 6, 2008. She received an offer to teach in the Medical School in Virginia. I encouraged her to do it part-time. I said, nothing can be compared to the fulfillment felt by a teacher knowing that your students are doing well. I hope she considers this offer. Jego is likewise doing well in his studies. He is now in the fifth grade and is on the top of his class he is very good in Math. Hopefully he pursues an engineering course. Of course Jinkee wants him to be a doctor, but here in America, children are more independent in pursuing their course of studies. They always end up with what they want to be. This is truly the land where dreams are made and fulfilled.

It is 8:40 am and in two hours the inauguration program starts and at twelve high-noon we will have a new President. Congratulations President Barack Obama!

Until next week, ciao and God bless!