By Geraldford P. Ticke

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Finally. After quite some time of hibernating, the third eye opens up once again looking, seeing, staring into the wilderness.

So, history is written. Millions flocked to the famous Penn Ave. to witness the historic oath-taking of the first ever black American to hold the most powerful office in the whole world. And what’s that got to do with us? Plenty.

First off, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita fired up saying it is Barrack Obama who has lots to learn from our president than the other way around. Expectedly, the unexpected statement threw a lot from the other side of the fence off-balanced. Top opposition grandstander Senator Panfilo Lacson was a quick-draw (the former PNP chief that he is) saying number one Obama can learn is how not to get impeached.

Looking back, when Obama won the November election, a lot of us said that there are lots of things we can learn from that election. The manner it was conducted, the candidates’ statesmanship, the list could probably run longer than Nile.

But in just a blink of an eye, politicos were back to their usual chores mudslinging at each other specially the presidential wannabes.

As it is, lacson will probably forever be hounded by the never-ending saga of Kuratong Baleleng ghosts that keeps waking up specially during election period. This time around, his supposed sidestepping leaving his Malacañang ambitions in favor of Chief Justice Reynato Puno whom he has endorsed to run for President.

Unfortunately for him, he is lagging behind in surveys. So is he letting go of his plans to occupy Malacañang for good? A graceful exit indeed.

And speaking of Puno, the Judiciary now appears like it is not spared from politics as well. With the recent move to oust Chief Justice Reynato Puno, cha-cha is still one reason that floats. But is the opposition playing by this rule or somebody else does? Although this is not the first instance, his case does have something to do with the blocks of congress, both Lower House and Senate. Again, the numbers game will show its might should this push through.


Not now. We are talking here about the supposed plans to tinkle with the Constitution. Yes, we can air our objections to such moves wherever we want. If you are an ordinary man on the street, your words may just pass one ear and go through the other. But considering someone like Senator Mar Roxas shouting curses on the streets with bishops and all around you, what do you expect. Roxas later apologized saying he was cursing at the moves to amend the constitution and not at the President. But sorry, the damage has been done. And the damage was on you Mr. Palengke. What you said was totally uncalled for to say the least.


The question now I say is not “will he run or not?” but who will his running mate be? Sure as the sun will shine the next morning, Second District Rep. Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra will target the province’s top post come 2010.

As to who will he run against became unclear after a not so new name suddenly appeared in the picture. First District Rep. Antonio C. Alvarez has declared last year that he will also run for governor. But when his elder brother Jose Pepito, hugged limelight, there was suddenly a twist. Now the question here is will he run or not.