By Jay Bolusa

February 10, 2009 – Right around the corner of our neighborhood here in the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 64th Street and Lexington Avenue, you will see every day an armada of media vehicles with satellites almost as high as the buildings.

This has been going on since the announcement of Bernie Madoff’s $80 billion Ponzi scam.

The only time that these media people vanished for a day was when Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger landed U.S. Airways Flight 1549 at Hudson River five minutes after take off. This emergency landing on water, in the middle of the city, with all passengers surviving, is now known as “The Miracle at Hudson.”

Immediately, we saw these media vehicles disappear to the west side to see what happened to the plane. They were only back after all 155 passengers of the place were rescued.

Yesterday, Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York honored the crew of Flight 1549 and gave them the key to the city, and in the evening, treated them all to dinner. “The Miracle at the Hudson” is the only aviation accident where all passengers were saved. It is one of the finest moments in aviation history.

The New York Magazine called Captain Sullenberger “The Last Aviator” and expounded “why they don’t make pilots like Sully anymore?” The event of January 15, 2009 will forever be remembered by not only the New Yorkers, but the world as well, not only for the successful landing at the Hudson River but the swiftness of the response of the rescue team, policemen and divers from New York and New Jersey. All of these were captured live by cameras in the surrounding area and the media. It was a day which will be etched forever in our memories.

How are the Palaweños in New York coping with everything that is happening around us, the recession in particular? I am glad that nobody I know lost his job. YP is still having fun on weekends with Tina Macolor and Carmen and friends. Veronica Escalona is busy escorting Margie Beof on rehearsals for the Mrs. Philippines- America Contest.

Margie Beof is the daughter of Jose and Lolita Beof of Aborlan, Palawan. I remember Lolit when I was still working at the City Court of Puerto Princesa way back in the 70s. When Judge Oscar P. Siat was on vacation, Judge Avelino Abiog took over and he brought along Lolit as his stenographer.

The Beofs moved to California when Margie was in second year high school and she finished schooling here. She is now married to a retired cop Daniel Wisotkay and blessed with three children. Margie is now a candidate for Mrs. Philippines- America. The final selection and coronation will be at the Sheraton Hotel in New Jersey this March 14, 2009. I will tell you whether our beauty from Palawan will be lucky for this Brains and Beauty Contest here in New York. Let us just pray for her success for this will be our honor as well.

Till then, Ciao and God bless!